Automatic Teams Meeting Recoding

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When enabling the automatic TMR in Meeting Options, Teams doesn't save the meeting to OD or SP.  It saves the meeting in the chat only.  When we disable then TMRs are saved in their respective location.  As you can see from the screen show below automatic TMR is enabled then disabled. 



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Interesting, this seems to be a bug
Hello Raymond! Great, thanks for posting in here! As Juan Carlos says it is most likely a bug. I have actually managed to replicate your "error" once. But that's it. Now working as intended. We've taken it further as we have direct access to the Teams product group as MVPs. Until it gets sorted, try doing some standard troubleshooting steps such as sign out manually from Teams, check for updates etc. Could be a glitch of some sort as I mentioned in the other post.
Who invoked the automatic recording? Remember that this is the first tenant user with the presenter (or owner) role. When that person joins, Teams starts the recording and that person becomes the owner of the recording because it's stored in their OneDrive for Business account. Do they have permission to record? Is there something else which could be blocking the ability to save in OneDrive?
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Hi Tony, thanks for adding to the conversation. I've managed to replicate it by setting the auto-record option toggle on and started the meeting as another user before I entered myself (this worked just fine with the recording ending up in the initiators OneDrive). I ended the meeting and entered back in with my own account right after and that reproduced the above "Failed to upload to Stream". When ending the meeting for a second time and joined again as myself all worked as intended, with the (now third) recording ending up in my OneDrive.
It appears to be working as expected now! Not sure what was happening but someone else confirmed this earlier but it appears now all is good.
If I am the organizer and I select auto start the recording, doesn't it make sense the recording shows up in the organizer's OD folder and not the random person that enters the meeting first and if a guest enters it doesn't even show in OD/SP but just in Chat. Oh vey! :)
I think it's fair to say that Microsoft has accepted that some improvements can be made to the current implementation. The key is to make sure that relatively few people have the presenter role and for the owner to start the meeting...