Adding an external number to a teams call queue

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I am trying to work out if there is a way to ring an external number as part of a call queue or teams voice enabled teams group?


I have tried to read up on it but cannot find a definitive yes or no.








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Call Queue agents can only be UPN's (not numbers).  However, you could set a user with SIM Ring to an external number. It's been a while since I tested this but this did work a few years ago.

Caution, I think @fowler_23 means with a different/extra user. Because by adding a user into a call queue while the user has sim ring enabled does not work because these personal settings are not processed.


A (external) phone number can be used in the call queue's exception handling area as overflow if no agents of a call queue answering calls within a defined amount of time or if defined number of callers are calling.

Thanks. Im basically trying to find a work around to the lack of missed call details on a call queue.

I thought if i was able to have an external number (mobile number) to the queue it will then give us a call log of all calls but im not sure if i am going to be able to achieve that
You will need to look into PowerBI to track all the calls into your queue.
The call queue data should be available from Teams since you can run a summary report in Teams Admin-Analytics & Reports- Usage Reports - Call Queue Usage
We currently only run our call queue as a receptionist role
Its odd as if you have teams setup on your phone (ios) it will maintain missed calls on a call queue but teams doesnt. So as a workaround we are making sure that at least one user has teams setup on their mobiles to try and track any missed calls.