Microsoft Teams Community video briefings on Empowering.Cloud – June 2023
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Microsoft Teams Update June 2023  

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MVP Tom Arbuthnot covers all the Microsoft Teams updates you need to know for June including:  

  • Microsoft avatars are now GA in the current clients, not the new preview team's clients 
  • Intelligent recap is GA, and it's the first AI driven feature we've seen rolled out the teams. It takes a meeting, records it, and makes notes, recommended tasks, personal insights, personal markers on videos for you. 
  • Cloud IntelliFrame takes a single feed camera from the room, slices it into segments around the people in the room, and presents that to the remote attendees as individual segments. 
  • Microsoft Teams Room Pro users will get Intune Plan 2 and 
    Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Plan 2 included in MTR Pro from July 
  • Microsoft have improved the caption experience on desktop by adding speaker attributions, allowing you to change the number of lines displayed on the screen, expanding the window to go further, and controlling the font colour, height of the caption panel, the position of the panel, the font size. 
  • Microsoft Team Rooms Pro will be able to make outbound SIP calls from the room out to standards-based SIP endpoints via a cloud video interop providers. 
  • Microsoft Teams rooms on Android will soon support content cameras and smart camera controls, which will allow you to control some of the OEM specialist camera features. 
  • Microsoft is planning to add multiple streams from specific intelligent cameras. 
  • Microsoft teams rooms will leverage intelligent speaker and face recognition capabilities that can identify speakers by their voice and identify them in the transcript. 
  • Front row will get a single shared background, and users will be uniformly sized on the screen, so they look more consistent. 


Understanding Microsoft Information Barriers 

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Ryan Murphy, Microsoft MVP and Compliance Leader at Epiq Global Explains Microsoft Information Barriers:  

  • Information barriers create ethical walls within Microsoft 365 to support compliance requirements.  
  • They prevent communication and collaboration across Teams, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. 
  • Information barriers do not work in Exchange Online, but Transport Rules can be used instead.  
  • Teams information barriers block conversations and file sharing between one-to-one chats, one-to-many chats, private chats, and channel chats.  
  • Information barriers are set by attributes assigned to individuals or groups in Azure directory.  
  • Users included in a Microsoft Information Barrier (MIB) policy must have an E5 license.  
  • Information Barrier policies can be set as "allow" or "block" policies.  
  • Information barriers can be configured to allow communication between specific segments while blocking others.  


Managing Microsoft Teams Apps  

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MVP Peter Rising takes you through how to manage first and third party apps in Microsoft teams:  

  • Introduction to apps in Teams  
  • Managing Microsoft Teams apps for users and organization  
  • Configuring permissions policies and setup policies  
  • Customizing the Teams apps store  
  • The Three app types: Microsoft apps, third-party apps, and custom apps  
  • Control app availability through Teams admin center  
  • Org-wide app settings: tailored apps, third-party apps, custom apps, external access, user requests configuration  
  • Manage apps: view, allow/block, customize, add to a team  
  • Permission policies: control app permissions for users  
  • Setup policies: control app availability and user interface  
  • Customize Store: add organization branding to Teams app store  
  • Assigning policies to users through Teams admin center  


Microsoft Teams Cross Tenant Chat and Channel Migration  

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Following up from his first briefing on Voice Migration, this time Thomas Poett talks about chat migration within the Microsoft Teams environment. 

  • Tenant-to-Tenant migration of chat and channel information for Microsoft Teams is a complex and time-consuming process.  
  • There is no syncing between source and target environments, it is a copy.  
  • M365 groups, which include Exchange, SharePoint, and other services, making the migration process more complicated.  
  • Migration tools and APIs have limitations in terms of performance and requests per second, making the process slow and unpredictable.  
  • Decoupling chat migrations from user migrations can help speed up the process.  
  • Extracting chat messages into HTML or XML files can be a faster alternative to migrating them directly.  
  • Engaging Microsoft Services can help extract messages into Azure Data Lake, significantly speeding up the process.  
  • User adoption and rollout management are crucial aspects of a successful migration.  


Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and Security  



Microsoft MVP and Product Specialist at Neat, Graham Walsh takes us through the Android platform and what it can do. It covers:  

  • How and why Android is a secure platform for Microsoft Teams Devices 
  • How OWEMs develop on the Android Open Source Project or AOSP 
  • How patching works 
  • Comparison of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows and Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android  


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