Stream on SharePoint available already? We haven't migrated but appear to be getting the benefit

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Hiya. I've observed that video hosted in a document library behind our SharePoint Classic site is supporting use of Stream (On SharePoint).

Giving us the power of Stream but the video hosted in a document library and not Stream. Am I wrong? Have I accidently opened a portal into the Microsoft multiverse? Or is this working as it should. I am confused. BTW Please don't close the portal :lol:

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:robot_face: Welcome to the future!

Yes any video file uploaded to SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive gets played with the new Stream web app.

Stream (on SharePoint) is just that. Bringing video capabilities to the video files stored in M365.

Watch our Ignite video that releases 9am PT today (Oct 12) on our blog to learn more.


And read through the help docs…