Playlists Experience in Teams

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As we are working to get people accustomed to the new experiences of Videos on SharePoint and using Microsoft Lists, I'm finding that the Playlists experience in Teams does not match the experience in a browser.  Wondering if others see the same, or if there's something we need to change on the tenant to resolve?  


If I visit Microsoft Lists from a browser, and click on "New List," I'm presented with a series of templates available from Microsoft.  One of those templates is Playlists.  


If I go to Microsoft Teams, either from the desktop app or from the browser version of Teams, I can add "Lists" as a tab on a Teams channel.  That gives me a couple of buttons on the page, one for "Create a List."  When I click that, I'm shown a page that looks awful similar to the one from Microsoft Lists, but the available templates does not match, and does not include Playlists.  


Attaching two images for reference.  In the Teams experience, I'm seeing three templates that are missing from the Lists experience.  Ideally, I would think those sets of templates should match perfectly if they were both supposedly drawing from Microsoft Lists?  


Summarizing with a question relating to Stream - How can we get Playlists to show in the Teams List Tab experience?


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