Roll out MS Stream in a large organisation!

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Hi all,

Just want to ask for some guidance and help here... Not a technical issue but more a functional problem.

I work in a large international financial services organization. We are busy connectng countries to MS Stream service of O365.

Although technically things are going fine we do encounter a problem from a functional perspective, mainly from the (corporate) communications departments.

I believe there are two issues:

1. People just can’t really get their head around the groups & channels difference and I feel the common reflex is that they wish to create a lot of groups to somehow control the content of the MS Stream platform. A lot of communications department want a group per country for instance so that they have like a “home page” spotlight feature for a country.... etc...

2. (Corporate) Communications departments seems to feel that they own the service. This is off course based on a more traditional IT landscape where video storage / streaming services were usually controlled by them.

With MS Stream this isn’t the case anymore and I also feel that they should aim to setup a whole groups structure before startling to use the service.

1. Do you have any knowledge of best practices around introducing MS Stream within a large international company. I would love to come into contact with people to share their approach and experiences.

2. Does anyone have a clear process flow which help people to understand when a group is needed within MS Stream in stead of just having topic based channels?

Hope you all have some tips & tricks!

Thanks a lot!

Eric Mooij
The Netherlands, Europe.

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