Having CC on in Stream videos as a default

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I'm loading videos into Stream and using the auto-transcript functionality, which is excellent, but I'd like to have CC switched on as the default setting when a video is played, rather than the watcher having to click CC to turn captions on.  Is there a setting in Stream that makes this possible? Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Liz_De_Saulles

Not currently. Whilst there is nothing in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap


There is a Uservoice which has been opened for it here


Would recommend you vote on it in order to push it up the agenda. This would be a great functionality to have - and very important in terms of accessibility and inclusion. I voted on it myself.

Hope that answers your question.

Best, Chris

Hi@Christopher Hoard

Yes, accessibility was a big driver for me so will certainly cast my vote.

Thanks for your response, I will stop searching now :).

Kind regards