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Hello, some of the videos we captured with streams were lost . I was wondering if there any chance to recover videos from a year ago or so. Appreciate your help!

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Hi @Lena_262

Unfortunately not. Stream does have a recycle bin and administrators can access it for all users

However, that recycle bin has a 30 day limit and videos are purged 30 days after going into the bin. Since the videos were deleted a year ago they are probably unrecoverable.

Feedback has been fed back to the product group that Stream has to develop more for compliance (I.e. retention/dlp) which can protect content from being deleted. I know it is a high priority for the team so hopefully we'll see something in the near future

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard , thanks for the quick reply, feature would be super helpful in the future!

Hi @Lena_262

You can vote on it here - the official Stream uservoice!

I have voted on it too. It's something we need 100%

Best, Chris