New Microsoft Stream integration with Teams

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Having recently heard that Teams will no longer use Stream for meeting recordings, I am keen to understand where the current functionality of auto-captioning and translation (particularly into Welsh) is in the roadmap please.

Apologies if this should be requested in the  Teams blog/community, but it feels like Stream already has all those capabilities and this forum is the right place to ask for a where / when. Also the docs still infer that Teams will use Stream for TMR - I just want a clear picture

We have effectively lost a chunk of recording capability from Teams and wondered if there was a roadmap ~(whether in Teams or Stream) to fill the gap?

I hope you can help


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@CNC-Aled-J-R With the move to team meeting recordings going to ODB/SPO the transcript is going to be coming directly from Teams. They have an entire feature coming related to closed captions during the meeting and a transcript+ recording. Currently Teams only has english coming first, but they do plan for other languages, I'm not exactly sure when the timing of additional languages will come. 


The specifics around meeting recordings going to ODB/SPO is here:


Thanks Mark - much appreciated

@Marc Mroz - I appreciate your swift response on this subject. One further question: Will Teams Live Events be included in/impacted by TMR? I guess they would need to continue to use Stream simply by virtue of their "stream" nature. We are right in the middle of a Teams rollout, so understanding the Stream perspective is vital to us.

Many thanks