Help with Spanish Translation in VTT File

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I need some knowledge from the hive to help me with an issue with a VTT file for a video I uploaded to Stream.  The file auto-transcribed to English. I made some small tweaks and then proceeded to download the VTT File so that I could translate it and add the translate VTT file back to Teams.  I was able to translate the file and get it loaded but when I play the video with Spanish closed captioning, special non-English characters such as the ã or ñ get transcribed onto the video as a ? symbol wrapped in a sideways square.  The VTT file has the correct symbol/character but Stream is not translating the VTT file.


This is truly my first experience with translating a VTT file and so I'm at a loss as to what to do to get this corrected.


I was so excited to see that Teams auto-transcribes videos and that I could do the translations using another tool, and then import the translated VTT file, because we were spending $$$$$ to have videos translated.  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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@tracedogSorry, I could not help. Maybe it is an encoding problem of the VTT file with ASCII and UTF-8. When I download the file from Stream it is UTF-8.