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I am sharing Microsoft Stream video to 5000+ Students.

Already student's login via their personal email id to login our portal, But this stream video is not playing.

Is there any option to pass URL parameters to login using API.

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@Buvanendiran  What is "our portal"? If you use SharePoint Online, it should work out of the box.

@Tomislav Karafilov It's not a SharePoint, it's PHP Based portal.


If it sharepoint how to share outside organization with microsoft stream video

@BuvanendiranOh! Accessing Microsoft Stream videos is only possible with a tenant user, no guest, no external, no anonymous. That is the reason why they have to log in. If the students are tenant users, they could access SharePoint Online (depends on the license they have). If the students are only managed in your PHP Portal and are not in the tenants Azure AD (with correct license), they can't watch videos from Stream.