When will have mobile app for Stream?

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O365 Video has the mobile App. Why Stream no mobile App?

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Nothing has been mentioned recently, so it may not happen anytime soon, especially with so much work to be done with the transition from O365 Video to Stream.  It is mentioned here by the way though - Microsoft Stream & Office 365 Video feature breakdown.


Microsoft Stream Mobile Apps.png


Vote here as well and add a comment to register your interest in these features in the product feedback, if you haven't already:


iPhone App

Android App


Hopefully, we will start seeing Microsoft Stream items appearing on the Office 365 roadmap so we can know what's upcoming with estimated release dates.

We are working to publish in development features for Stream on the O365 Roadmap. I'm hoping the write ups we did recently get published soon.


For mobile we don't have a date we can promise or give you, but we recently started assembling and hiring a mobile team for Stream who will start the initial work on apps soon.

Then when will complete the transition from video to stream? Where should i put our corporate video? in Video or Stream?

Customers will be able to start transitioning from O365 Video to Stream in 2018 Q1/Q2. We are still finishing up the migration tool/code. We don't yet know when ALL customers will be moved over to Stream, it depends how quickly we can go through the migration phases we've outlined.


For more info on the transition see this article:


If you are just starting out and are happy with the features/capabilities of Stream you should for sure use Microsoft Stream. If there is something you deem critical still missing on Stream you are still welcome to use O365 Video. You will just have to keep in mind that most new things are going into Stream and we do have a plan as outlined above to move all customers to Stream over the course of time.

Will the link and embedded code be changed after Video migrated to Stream? If yes, how need to provide a standard video channel to our users.

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After an organization migrates from O365 Video to Stream, we'll do redirection of the old link to the new link for video portal home page, migrated channels, and migrated videos. Embed codes will also redirect to Stream. 


So any existing links out there to O365 Video will after the migration point to and load the migrated content in Stream.

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I thought they announced a mobile app for stream at Ignite? I can't find it. Did I miss hear that announcement?
First it was 'coming in a week' then a week or so later the article was edited to 'coming in October', but that's almost over. There haven't edited it again to say 'coming in November' have they? :D

Out of curiosity - what would you expect that the mobile app for Stream would do?  Are any of those features "must-have" or "nice-to-have"?

For Video, MS never released an Android app (which is about 50% of our mobile user-base).  I'm not sure if that resulted in less video usage overall, or if it was a reflection that people are consuming video from other places (like SharePoint or websites that link back to Stream).

Anyhow, it makes me curious about what value others think that a mobile app would deliver.

watch how to videos on how to operate equipment while near the equipment on their mobile phone.

with the new ability to live stream it allows users to user their mobile app for that if they don't want to use Teams/Yammer.

Upload a video they just took on their phone to name a few.
Similar use cases, consumption by staff in the field, instructional videos. Ability to store offline videos a nice to have. Ability to do quick edits - trim start and end before uploading straight from the app.

The Stream Android app is in the Google Play store already you can go download it now.

The iOS app is still in approval/discussion with Apple, we thought those discussions would go quick but they are turning out to take a long time. Sorry.


Overview of what the app does in this first version:


Download info:



@Dwyane George FYI.


Are we thinking it will be days, or a few weeks yet until that's released?
It will likely still be weeks before the discussions with Apple conclude unfortunately. The app is working and ready to go it's some policies we are discussing with Apple.

Hi Marc,


Thanks very much for the information, I look forward to using it once it does get through the Apple approval labyrinth! 

I just uploaded a video from my iPhone using the browser at


It worked pretty slick.  I'm not sure there's an urgency for a mobile app for IOS.

Woo hoo! It's here! Downloaded it on my iPhone yesterday!
It's now available for iOS