Video Still Processing after hours

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Hi, I teach a college class through Microsoft Teams and I noticed that after 3 hours of the recording being stopped my video is still showing that it is processing in Microsoft Teams. It is only a 19 minute video and usually longer videos appear quite fast. What can be done to fix this hold?

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@MatthewLawsonwsedu I am having the same issue. The issue occured with several videos I recorded on 9/24. Before then and after that, I have had no issues. I still haven't found the resolution either. 

@Sherrie717 I went back to the My Content site. The link on My Content still showed that it was downloading. I then went to the channel that I shared the video to and found I was able to download the video from that channel. It seems odd to me that I had to go to a channel I had shared the video with to get a download of it. However, this may get you around the original issue.