Transcriptions and eDiscovery

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Hi @Marc Mroz - When a video is transcribed, where does that data reside?

Can it be searched and found with eDiscovery or Content search in Security and Compliance center?

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The transcribed text from a video along with the title/description of a video just live in Stream's data bases directly. Stream isn't built on top of another O365 service or infrastructure.


As such unfortunately, this text can't be searched with eDiscovery/Security Compliance Center/Enterprise Search, etc.


It's on our list of projects to see how we can get our data from Stream into those places as we think that it would be super valuable. We plan to start deeper discussions with those info protection teams about what's technically possible in the coming few quarters.


On a similar but different topic. We are doing the development work right now to send audit log actions/events from Stream into the O365 audit log. That work will hopefully finish in the coming month or two. When it's finished and deployed, you'll be able to go to the O365 unified audit log and search for and see events from Stream (add, delete, edit, view, etc).

Thanks @Marc Mroz - not the news I wanted to hear, but good to confirm it.

Are the transcriptions available to import to another system via an API so they could be searchable?  


@Marc Mroz +1 on this need for API options. There is a ton of latent value in the video transcripts and indexed video content. Since an org can buy Azure to do this today ( is it reasonable that with additional pricing via Azure this video data will be usable in the future?