The video search algorithm is not searching for substrings, resulting in very poor search results.

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Microsoft stream video search is pretty much broken. I searched for a substring from the video's title and it's not able to filter out the results and show me the main video in the search results list. I think this is a very basic feature of a search window. For example, if you have a video uploaded named abc_def and you search for "abc_" it should show you the results with abc_def and other matching items. It not doing this currently.  This needs to be fixed.

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@aakash_gupta I have recently found this search experience is overlooked because by the end of 2021 all the recordings will directly be managed in SharePoint and OneDrive for business. 


Source: Use OneDrive for Business and SharePoint for meeting recordings - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


Refer: The new version of Microsoft Stream - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs