Stream Classic migration custom yellow banner and HTML

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I'm finding the Stream Classic migration custom yellow banner setting will not allow HTML setup of a hyperlinked title to our migration FAQ. I've tried what was shown on this MS page using the bracket/curly brackets, but no joy, nor will any of my html/anchor tag html work.

Adoption strategies moving from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint) - Microsoft Stream | Micr...


I also tried viewing the links in current yellow banner using the browser developer tools, but no joy there either.


The company wants to have just the title be a hyperlink as the URL is very long. Is this supported, and if yes, what is the HTML I'm to use? Anyone else get this to work? 

Thanks much!!

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I fixed the issue, need to be cognizant of spaces in between the text, the title, and the link as shown here:
Migration is now underway, please review the following document for more detail: [When is my migration] {}