Share Microsoft Stream with guests too

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Hello, I want to use Microsoft Stream for internal training videos.

But now I also have colleagues who have their own domain but are implemented as guests in teams.

Can I also do this in stream?

Will the stream even remain in place for the coming years?

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Hello, you should opt-in to the new experience that is meeting recording storage in OneDrive/SharePoint instead of Stream. This enables guest sharing as well.



Hello, my goal is to create a group in Teams in which the videos are displayed. Is this also possible with Onedrive or Sharepoint? If so, is there a German tutorial for this?...

I have now done the following. In the Admincenter a new group SChulung created and there the external user as guest deposited. I have connected this group with a channel in Stream. This I have then included in teams. I see in Teams the videos but the guest gets the message that the channel is not available. Who can help me please if possible in German. Or is there a German tutorial?

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Hello, yes it's possible to share to external users when using OneDrive/SharePoint as storage location. That's one of the improvements going from Stream as storage location (this will happen automatically for all later this year even if you don't opt-in). Teams/SharePoint/OneDrive are all connected and enables easy collaboration as it's what's being used when sharing files etc. You should reach out to your IT admin for assistance, if they can't help I suggest they create a support ticket with Microsoft.