Problems streaming protected content on Win 10

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Please i am having a problem streaming protected content DRM (ex: amazon prime, Netflix etc.).


I tried to no avail to troubleshoot the problem. I literally tried everything on my mind to resolve it. 

  1. I installed coupled of new web browsers/ updated existing ones (Chromium edge, Firefox, chrome and Vivladi)
  2. created new browser/windows profiles.
  3. clear cache
  4. update drivers/windows
  5. change the dns
  6. update widevine
  7. Many many others

Firefox widevinecdm crashes everytime i run a protected video


I am suspecting that there a required service that is stopped resulting the problem. When i restarted windows in safe-mode the protected video ran normally without issues.


Please i am wondering if someone can help me resolve this issue. I searched everywhere on the net and couldn't fix the protected streaming to run again.


OS-Build: 19042.867

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