Migrating Videos Created by Now Deleted Users

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Hello - The Stream Migration Tool seems fine for Migration content of users and Groups that still exist.


However, the Tool doesn't find "Containers" of videos for Users that are no longer in the Tenant. We have videos in Stream, originally created by users who are no longer with us (deleted from Tenant), but we REALLY need those videos Migrated out of Stream and into SharePoint/OneDrive.


How do we migrate videos that the Stream Migration Tool doesn't find?


Manually adding a "Container" path doesn't work (I'd provide a screenshot of that error, but currently the Stream Migration area shows "Service not available, please contact support.")

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@JPALM - See the "Orphaned" rows in the tables here for more details on users who aren't in the organization anymore:



Right now, the Public Preview version of the migration tool doesn't discover this "orphaned" content.


But in an upcoming improvement to the tool we'll bucket all the orphaned videos together as a single container and you can pick a SP site or ODB to migrate those orphaned videos into.


Right now, the only way to get these to migrate is to video by video add a new person or group as editor of them, so they get bucketed into an active container. 



@JPALM : Orphaned videos or videos that don't have owner will satisfy the following criterion and you can identify these from the Stream video report (mentioned here https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/streamnew/migration-details#stream-classic-video-report ).
1. The 'State' column should be either 'Processing' or 'Completed'
2. They should be published or 'Published' date should be not null
3. 'Container id' value for such videos will be null

While the tool will bring the capability to migrate such videos. We would advise you to look at such videos and migrate only if they are being watch. Our aggregate level data tell us that video that are being watched usually end up with a group or user owner, even if the uploader leaves the organization.
If you still have orphaned videos that are being viewed, a hack is to assign owners to these videos manually in Stream (Classic), but this could work when you have a small number of videos.
Just to add from my experience extracting the inventory report... rows where ContainerEmailId is empty is considered orphaned videos and the only way to find the creators of the videos is to manually (no PowerShell commandlet for Stream unfoirtunately) access each video using the url in the column VideoHyperlink of the extracted report from the Microsoft's version of the Power BI report for Stream. This is not ideal as it will update the LastVIewDate value for each video but is the only known way to obtain the email of the creators, whether they are with the organization or has left.

@unodei The way to find orphaned videos is the following:

  1. State column should either be Processing or Completed
  2. Videos should be published or publish date should not be null
  3. Container id is null