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I'm currently having problems accessing a stream on Stream platform. My Professor is posting his lessons on it and even if we've checked together his privacy settings and even if i'm currently subscribed to his team on MS Teams, i can't access the videos. I'll share the link for reference:


I'll attach two images for further clarification. I beg pardon since it is in italian.



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i have been trying to track down a very similar issue. When testing i have found that, although the student is a member of the team and its M365 group, the student still doesn't get access.
What i have had to do is to explicitly add a student that says they cannot access the video to the screen in your first screenshot (the 189kb one) and after explicitly adding the student, they can then see the video; you may wish to ask your proffessor to add you individually, as a display only, that should allow you to watch the video.
If anyone is able to find the answer as to why a number of users from the same team cannot access the recording please do post here or in my question:

Thank you