Is it possible to adjust 'created entity counts' by individual user by admins?

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Hi Friends,


We were hoping to be able to adjust the 'created entity counts' for individual users.  We noticed that when running user reports (Stream Admin-->Data Privacy-->Manage User Data-->Run User Report -->Created Entity Counts') there was the suggestion of a 'limit override' feature.


What exactly is this feature and how can it be managed?


Thank you for your attention.




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I don't think this is something you can do Today in Stream

I'm not quite sure what that refers to or if we have a way for you to manage that or if it's some internal thing. I'm checking with the folks that wrote this report and will let you know.

I just heard back those are system limits and overrides, they aren't able to be managed by you as a Stream admin. They are just technical limitations we can put in place per user on our back end. I'm asking if we can rename them to "System Limit" and "System Override Limit" to make it more clear.


However, I'm wondering about your use case. Are you wanting to set some limits per user or other bigger entity? How would you use that if we had such a feature, why would you use it?



We’re concerned about the limited free storage, and as we roll out Stream and eventually Teams, we’re likely to hit that threshold.  So as an organization of limited means, we’re trying to identify some ways to manage the amount of material people upload.


We're hoping to guide our users on how, when they reach the threshold, to contact us, have a conversation about whether the content they've uploaded is important to keep active, or delete it, if not.  We'd like to be in the position to increase the amount of videos they upload, but want to support healthy organization-wide practices.