Is it possible that user gets a reminder to "record a meeting" while event gets started?

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I wonder if it's possible to add a pop up message while the meeting gets started. In case people forget to hit the record button.


It's handy when you are not on the meeting and the organizer and participants forgot to record it.


It's also handy if conversation gets recorded automatically but I see this option more difficult to implement.

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@Cesar_Rojas There isn't a way to do this today. Teams is considering adding an option for the meeting organizer when scheduling a meeting to automatically record it. You could add your votes/comments on this item in Team's UserVoice: Automatic recording meetings – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


Or you could add your votes/comments on this item which is about a reminder pop-up: Reminder to start recording the meeting. – Microsoft Teams UserVoice

I know this topic is over 2 years old & that an auto-recording option has since been introduced. I was looking for an alternative solution to auto-recording, however, and found this topic.

I am an attendee of a recurring MS-hosted Teams meeting. The meetings are recorded, but the organizer waits to hit record until everyone has joined & chatter has died down. I assume the organizer hasn't set it to auto-record because it is easier to just start recording when ready than to edit/trim the initial chit-chat out.  Later, the recording is posted where non-MS employess can view it.


Sometimes an attendee will need to remind the organizer to hit record. Sometimes no one remembers and there is no recording.


I was researching the possibility of making a flow or a bot to pop up 5 minutes after the meeting starts and remind the organizer to hit record when I found this open topic.


@Cesar_Rojas ,  maybe you could make a reminder in Power Automate?


For my own scenario, it might not work - I don't know if a flow I made could create pop-ups in the Teams meetings hosted by MS employees, as the organizer is outside both my domain/company/org/tenant/etc and my cloud instance (GCC vs Enterprise), but it might be an avenue for you.