How to manage Stream only groups created during migration, and creating new groups after?

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We are currently planning our migration from Video to Stream. From tests we know that the channels in Video become "Stream only groups" in Stream (unlike Office 365 Groups), which is good. However there is currently no way of creating new Stream only groups after the migration is done.


This brings about a couple of questions as we are planning to create a redefined structure of groups and channels in Stream compared to the Channels and sub-channels we have currently in Video. 


We were originally thinking to create a new structure of Office 365 Groups for this, and retire all the Stream only groups created during migration. We all know that O365 Groups create a whole other ball game of apps and stuff that is not needed for simple Stream structuring.


We therefore started thinking to create the new structure already in Video before migration and/or create a bunch of new empty Video channels that will be migrated over so we later can start adding videos to these when we need new groups in Stream.


I am looking for info/experiences people have with the migration and use of these Stream only groups, if you have kept them after migration and what you have done to create new groups after migration. 




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