Embed video does not play, stuck on loading

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While usually the embed iframe makes dozens of requests at once, often it doesn't, apparently caching  wrong request data that stops the content from being reloaded.


It usually happens after one successful load of the iframe, in which it loads all packages within a couple of moments. Yet, if the page is reloaded, the iframe fails to load and does not resolve requests even if it was to throw an error. Instead, it only makes slow requests for Fragments with varying QualityLevels params.


A clear cache reload works, but only sometimes and it is impractical. Clearing all cache data solves the issue until it is reloaded again. There is only one error on the console from the Streams page, but it also appears when the video works perfectly.

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I am seeing this problem as well (or very similar).
Videos that are on Streams (and play fine in Streams or using the direct link), will not fully load/play when using the embed link on a web page on are intranet. (I just see the spinning cuircle, trying to load the video)
The issue is intermittent, meaning the videos do load/play occasionally, but very seldom.
Internet Explorer is the one browser where the videos will load/play sometimes, other browsers (including Edge) fail at all times . I need it to work in Edge.
I have double-checked and the videos are set to "Allow everyone in your company to view this video".
Let me know what I can do to fix this. Thanks