Channel that is viewable by all, but contributed to by a few

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We want to create a training channel within the college that all our staff members can access, students cannot access and only a select team can upload videos to.


Currently it seems we can make all staff members of the channel but that automatically gives them rights to upload to it. How can we curate this a little more?


Thanks, Alicia

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Hi @Deleted

I don't think that there is an option for this at the moment.


Is it possible to request it?

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You can do this with a Group.


Make the group "companywide" (public) so everyone can view it and see videos in it, but uncheck the option for members to contribute. This means that only owners of the group will be able to add videos into the Stream group.

Hi @Marc Mroz,


Great idea, but how would that exclude the students?

Thank you! I can create a private group for all staff and use the option within the group to limit who can add videos. Thank you :)