Available in European region e.g. Dublin?

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You mentioned the following in your documentation:

Currently at preview, anyone can sign up for Microsoft Stream. Microsoft Stream is available in 6 regions but anyone in the world can sign up. However, all customer data will be assigned and stored in one of these 6 regions.

In future Microsoft Stream may be available in additional regions but customers who sign up now will continue using existing region. It?s not clear if Stream will support migration of data once more regions become available.


Is the European region (Dublin/ Amsterdam) part of this 6 regions? If not, when will this be approx. the case?

Due to regulatory reasons we want to keep our content in Europe.

Kind regards, Manfred

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We do have two datacenters (one in Amsterdam and one in Dublin). Depending on the country in Europe you are from the data will be in one of those DCs. However, given the distributed nature of streaming, intermediate proxies, CDNs may actually cache the content for sometime. Even though they do that they can only see encrypted streaming content. The original content, metadata is stored in one of the DCs.

If you can confirm the country we can confirm where you content is going to be.


Thanks for trying Microsoft Stream





We use it mainly in Austria, and Eastern Europe countries as Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia...

Our tenant is setup with location Austria.

kr, Manfred

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Hi Manfred


Your data will be stored in our Dublin datacenter. Rest of the details in my response above still hold Smiley Happy.