Admin functions in Stream on Sharepoint

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Classic Stream content creation and Channel functions are controlled in the Classic Stream Admin portal.
Is there any documentation please on what the new Stream on Sharepoint will have in terms of admin functions and what organisations need to consider when the new Stream is pushed out.
For example, Will we have the ability to control content creation much like we do now?
As far as I can make out Stream channels will be a thing of the past, but no docs seem to say this.
Can anyone help please

Re-posting after a few months of waiting for a response from Microsoft

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This is just part of the whole transition to Stream 2.0. You can read all about it here and follow the roadmap too.


Thanks - I posted the query because the questions are not answered in the links. I have already read them.

Are you able to answer the specific questions, or signpost to where the answers are please.

no sorry. I also didn t find something. Perhaps the sharepoint admin only, because of the switch to sharepoint technologie.
Or someone from MS Stream can answer.

I understand you i have also problems with all (information, what can i say to the users and so...)
@CNC-Aled-J-R Over a year later, and still no answers. It would appear that users will now have to manage their own. If we are asked to post/share/edit, I guess it's one less thing to service - the owners won't be happy though. I'm just glad we don't have a thousand videos to fix.

@alandarr - The way other organizations are handling this including us internally at Microsoft. Is that if there is a central production/video team, those people are given edit access to the SharePoint sites for the departments that need video production help. That way the production team can post the videos, make changes to them, and troubleshoot. 


Stream (classic) was a siloed solution and had it's own admin for ALL videos. But now that we are part of other files in ODB/SPO, we also follow those rules. But you can still accomplish close to what you want. Global Admins of M365 can have access to all files (including videos) like they've always had. Other groups that help support teams can get added to access to specific SharePoint sites where the videos are stored. 

@Marc Mroz Thanks for the details. It makes sense moving forward. We will work through it!