Add Feature Duplicate Video

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I find that I often want to share just a part of a video with member of my organization without losing the original video. Currently the only option that allows to Edit the video is made in a way that the original video will be cut and destroyed.


So the only option to do what I want is to download the video and reupload it, then edit it and share it. I feel like this is redundant since the video is already on the server and can be edited. The only thing it needs is an option to duplicate it so the original video would remain untouched.

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@GoceR - is it acceptable for the recipient to see all of the video? If so, could you share it using the "Share at a specific time" option described at, along with a suggestion to stop at the time (e.g., 23:30) where the relevant section ends?



Of course it is not acceptable, hence why I need to share just part of the video. It is good to be able to share a specific time, but I am afraid that doesn't resolve this particular scenario. It needs to be a new feature which I'm sure it's going to be appreciated by a lot of users.