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Every page says there is a 10,000 video limit. I see no 100 video limit listed anywhere, yet I have hit this limit. Every support page says this was done away with in June of last year. How can I get rid of this limit, I contacted O365 Support and they didn't have any additional information or any possible fixes.

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@Chris Lo - I'm sorry you are running into issues. O365 Support should have escalated the case up to us in the product group if they couldn't find a solution.


Could you do a few things so we can understand the issue more?


1. Could you share a screenshot of where and when you are seeing the limit error message?


2. Could you check your user's license?

Go to some other O365 web app (Outlook, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, etc).

Click your profile picture in the top right.

My account > View subscriptions


Do you have "Microsoft Stream" (or something similar) as the title of one of the big boxes?

Or do you just have "Stream for Office 365" listed in smaller text under another license like "Office 365 Enterprise E3"?


I'm wondering if your user has a full Stream license or it has one of the trial licenses.


3. Could you send what environment and session ID is for the user seeing the 100 limit?

In Stream > ? > About Microsoft Stream > Send the "Your data is stored" and the Session ID.