Announcing availability of SharePoint Online Management Shell from PowerShell Gallery

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We are happy to announce that SharePoint Online Management Shell is now also available from PowerShell gallery. Starting from August 2018 release, we will start also publishing these cmdlets also to PowerShell Gallery on monthly basis. 


If your operating system is using PowerShell 5.0 or newer, you can simply install SharePoint Online Management Shell by using the following command:


  • Install-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

Following videos show on how to get started with the SharePoint Online Management Shell:



Frequently Asked Questions

What's required for installing the module from PowerShell Gallery?

  • You will need to be using PowerShell 5.0 or newer, have admin permissions in your computers and internet connectivity. See more details from the PowerShell Gallery documentation.

Will SharePoint Online Management Shell support PowerShell Core 6?

  • SharePoint Online PowerShell has a dependency on the SharePoint Client Side Object Model (CSOM), which will first need to support .NET Standard/Core, before PowerShell Core version can be provided. This work is currently in the roadmap, but we cannot provide exact ETA at this point.

What's the difference between SharePoint Online Management Shell and PnP PowerShell?

  • SharePoint Online Management Shell is targeted for SharePoint and OneDrive administrative setting management in your tenant. These cmdlets are shipped by SharePoint engineering on monthly basis. PnP PowerShell cmdlets do also have tenant cmdlets, but you can also use that for managing site level settings. PnP PowerShell is an open-source initiative which is dependent on the contributions from the customers and partners. We are potentially looking into combining these two modules in the long-term future, but there is no ETA and plans have not yet been locked. 

I've noticed that current SharePoint Online Management Shell documentation is missing something or has typos. How should we report these?

  • SharePoint Online Management Shell documentation welcomes contributions. We do welcome pull requests and issues in GitHub. Each article in the documentation has an "Edit" button, which you can click to get started on submitting a change request (pull request). You can also report any issues on the documentation by using the GitHub issue list and we will try to address those as soon as possible. Thank you for your input advance.





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SPO cmdlets are not available after installing the module. See attachments.


Is this happening with anyone else?Capture.PNG 

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Do I have to uninstall the current SPO Management Shell?


@Ivan Unger - that would make the installation cleaner and then you can easily use the Update-Module when we push updates to PowerShell Gallery. msi's will be also published in future at least for now.


@Deleted - SPO PowerShell is not yet on the PowerShell Core level (PowerShell 6). That work is in the backlog, but there's no public ETA at this point.

Please make Exchange Online (with support to MFA) the next one! If possible Skype for Business too!


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@Vesa Juvonenany update on ETA for powershell core support? I'm super close to being able to make my scripts crossplatform!


@darkintanner  - There's unfortunately no plans to release SPO PowerShell with PowerShell v7 level currently, so no ETA. If you want to or need to use scripts cross-platform, our recommendation is to use PnP PowerShell (, which just had Core version GA or potentially Microsoft Graph PowerShell, where suitable.


PnP PowerShell has 99% coverage of all SPO PowerShell cmdlets, so that is the easiest way to build cross-platform scripts currently.

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