Workbook color mismatch

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I was unable to find a workbook community so not sure how to file this as a bug.   I created a new workbook and set my severity field to use the Threshold renderer.  The color for "Medium" should be orange but it sure does not look orange in the actual output.  See attached image for more details.


Paint tells me the color shown when setting up the renderer is RGB(255,140,0) but in the actual display it is RGB(232,110,88) 






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@Gary Bushey : seems like a bug. Can you open a ticket with support?

@Ofer_Shezaf Thanks.  Clive Watson has contacted the appropriate team for me already.


I did notice it in some of the new workbooks that were released so at least it isn't just me configuring it incorrectly :)

@Gary Bushey 


i've entered it internally as Bug 7221044: Workbooks: orange color isn't the orange shown in thresholds and will fix and get deployed as soon as generally possible.

@JGardnerMSFT Thank you