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I'm trying to create a simple playbook that sends me an email when an alert happens. But I receive the " Failed to fetch playbooks in one or more selected subscriptions" , every time I go to the Playbooks section under Configuration. 


My playbook was created under the same subscription and I'm the admin for the account. What would cause this issue?


Error in SentinelError in Sentinel


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@Brendon Brooks Why does your Trigger Kind say "Other"?  If its a Playbook designed for Azure Sentinel, the Trigger type needs to be the Azure Sentinel Logic App connector.

I deleted the previous app and used the correct connector. The error still appears, but I can wait a day for it to clear. Thanks for pointing that out. @rodtrent 

@Brendon Brooks 

Do you have correct permissions in IAM? you may be getting this error due to permissions.




I should. I'm the admin for our tenant. Is there somewhere in Azure where this needs to implicitly specified?

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try adding yourself owner on the resource group where you have Sentinel instance.

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Did that work?