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Does anyone have a link with guidance on how to create a JSON for a custom dashboard.  I've tried downloading some of the canned JSON and adding my queries and then uploading and I keep getting the error that it is an invalid JSON.


I attached a document with 6 queries that I am trying to load into a dashboard, just a table for each query.  Any guidance would be appreciated.





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You may customize the dashboards either by editing the main query or browse to log analytics search page to edit the query there. After the query is executed in log search page, click on pin and choose the relevant dashboard. You may then download the dashboard as JSON file. Below are documentation links. Also checkout our GitHub Community for other sample queries.

@Shalini Pasupneti 

Custom dashboards don't show up in Sentinel dashboard listing. Is this by design or in future we'll see custom dashboards at one place in Sentinel Dashboards, rather than in main Azure Dashboards.