Regional Microsoft Build 2023 Events with MVP, RD, and MLSA
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Microsoft hosted local conferences to deliver the cutting-edge technical information unveiled at their global conference held in May 2023, Microsoft Build, to more audiences around the globe. Microsoft MVPs, Regional Directors ("RD"), and Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors ("MLSA") joined the local event as session speakers and offered expertise on a diverse array of technological subjects, particularly the newest advancements in AI technology.


Local events were held not only in the U.S. and Canada, but also in Germany, Greece, the Czech Republic & Slovakia, Australia, Korea, Japan, China, and more, providing learning opportunities for participants from all regions who wanted to catch up with the latest technology. The series of local events was strategically planned to reach a wider global audience, especially those who desire to learn the most recent technical information in their local languages and in their local time zones.


In this blog, we spotlight the local events conducted in Japan and China, and how the MVP, RD, and MLSA communities were involved and their learnings from each opportunity.


Microsoft Build Japan

Microsoft Japan-led Microsoft Build Japan conference which was held over two days in a hybrid format at the Microsoft Japan headquarters in Tokyo as well as online. A total of 32 MVPs/RDs and 3 MLSAs took part in 5 AI hands-on sessions, 8 Table Topics, and an Expert Meetup in the Community Zone. Their collective aim was to support Japanese users in acquiring the most recent technical knowledge on Azure and AI, Developer Tools, Microsoft 365 and its development, Power Platform, and the Metaverse. You can watch their Table Topics sessions and other sessions on YouTube: Microsoft Build Japan.

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AI MVP Atsushi Yokohama led the AI Hands-on, GitHub Copilotとの強力なタッグをいち早く取り入れるハンズオン (“GitHub Copilot Hands-on for Early Adopters”), as one of MVP trainers and also answered participants' questions about AI at the Expert Meetup.


After meeting with many attendees who came to the event to expand their AI skills and incorporate AI into their work, Atsushi noticed a distinct shift. "In previous events, many of the attendees had not yet experienced AI technology. However, this time, many arrived eager to learn and discuss AI, having already experimented with Azure OpenAI Service. It is evident that the fervor for AI services in Japan is surging to unprecedented levels," he observed, reflecting on his experience.


Atsushi has been excited about this momentum of AI and will ambitiously continue to unlock AI users’ skills. He says, “Azure OpenAI Service is a technology that offers a lot of possibilities as much as we experience it, so we plan to organize community activities to reach more people through hands-on sessions for beginners, Ideathons, and Hackathons”.

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In addition, Business Applications MVP Yuka Tanabe shared her expertise on Power Platform by co-hosting a Table Topics session, Power Platform × Copilot : 自然言語によるローコード新時代 (“Low-Code New Era with Natural Language”), with her fellow MVPs. She also joined the AI hands-on, Power Apps と Power Automate の Copilot を実際に体験してみよう! (“Let’s Try Copilot in Power Apps and Power Automate”), contributing to the skill enhancement of the attendees.


Yuka enjoyed her first speaking opportunity at Microsoft conference since she was awarded as an MVP in December 2022. Her message resonated with a wider audience, encompassing even those who had not previously attended her community events. She says, “Receiving attendees’ reactions brought me a great experience since it is often challenging to gauge attendees' reactions in the virtual events”.


This opportunity enhanced her passion to continue to advocate her insights on Power Platform through community engagements. “I am interested in hosting both in-person and hybrid community events, including hands-on sessions. Additionally, I will continue to host my virtual community events and aim to make them more interactive and engaging for community members.”

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Microsoft Build China

Chinese MVPs and RDs from 4 different communities got together at Microsoft Build China and conducted sessions and explained technical information announced at Microsoft Build to local developers in Chinese. MVPs/RDs in the panel discussions, Expert 1:1, and the Community Booth at the Connection Zone enabled attendees to gain a deeper comprehension of the latest trends of technologies.

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Business Applications MVP in China, Yu Liu, took part in the community-led panel discussion and Community Zone in this event. He shared his insights on the main topic of this conference, AI, and co-hosted a panel, 生态与发展,紧跟下一代 AI 技术的风向标 (“Ecology and Development, Keeping Up with the Next Generation of AI Technology”).


“I felt the energy and passion of Microsoft technical communities, and Microsoft China’s partners’ enthusiasm inspired us,” Yu shared a recap of his experience at the conference. Moreover, he remarked that the conference presented numerous opportunities to delve deeply into the latest Microsoft technologies that are shaping a better world.


Yu discovered that there are many people, both within and outside the community, who are enthusiastic about exploring the new technologies showcased at the Build. “I will continue to share the latest Microsoft Build technologies in my community events. And we will work on more online and offline engagements to empower more people, such as conducting discussions, and even workshops”.

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Beyond just language and time zone differences, every country and region have unique business culture and trends. The local Microsoft Build conferences highlighted the local perspectives to meet local needs. MVPs, RDs, and MLSAs are taking an important role in the local conference by providing their invaluable information based on their experiences in the local market.


If you would like to learn about the latest technologies to boost your business and to make your daily work better, we strongly recommend you join the local conference as well as the global conference. Not only Microsoft employee speakers and partners but also MVPs, RDs, and MLSAs in your location will bring you inspiration for leveraging the newest products and solutions. As well as joining global and local conferences, please remember that you always have a chance to learn in the community at any time.


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Another global conference, Microsoft Ignite, will be held in Seattle and online in November 2023. Join the mailing list to receive updates on the Ignite.

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