New Tech & Connections from Asian MVP Communities
Published Dec 13 2023 11:00 PM 2,780 Views

As the world becomes increasingly captivated by AI and cutting-edge technologies, various community-led events and meetup events are being organized globally to make these technologies more accessible.


In this blog, we showcased some MVP-led events in Asia region.


The global community aMS Community, led by French MVP Patrick Guimonet (previously featured on our MVP Communities blog, First aMS Day Event with Congolese Passionate Learners), hosted aMS Seoul 2023 in Korea and the aMS APAC Tour in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. In these events, he collaborated with over 60 Microsoft speakers and MVPs including M365 MVP Vincent Choy in Malaysia, M365 MVP Eunjoo Lee in Korea, M365 MVP Rene Modery in Singapore, Business Applications MVP Mary Angiela Cerbolles in Singapore. They hosted over 70 technical sessions, delving into cutting-edge technologies including generative AI including Microsoft Copilot services, Azure, Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Security, and more.




An attendee from Korea expressed enthusiastic appreciation, ‘I am extremely pleased to be here with a variety of international speakers. Listening to their sessions and feedback gives me insights on how they work that I can apply to my customers,’ and those from Malaysia said, ‘Very happy to be here. A few years back, we were doing everything manually. Thank you Microsoft for making our work much easier’. Each event seems to have been a significantly meaningful opportunity for attendees. Particularly in the Philippines, a one-day event on the latest tech was extremely well-received in Manila, sparking high anticipation for its second iteration next year.




In China, two major events were organized. One was the Power Platform Boot Camp AI Meetup, where Business Applications MVP Yu Liu collaborated with Business Applications MVP Dong Zhu, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Wenwei Lin to offer insights into new AI and low-code development via the Power Platform and Microsoft AI. The second was the Prompt Engineering Conf, a global conference led by Microsoft Azure MVP Haifeng LIU. This was the first time it was held in China, offering a chance to learn about Prompt Engineering from top AI developers worldwide.


'It helps teachers and students work together online in a fun and easy way with Power Automate. Azure Speech Services and Azure Translator are also great to make voice and text in different languages', said one participant.


Attendees underscored the significant presence of community leaders in conveying cutting-edge tech information to enhance community learning. 'Good industrial cases were shared for a better understanding of how powerful the products are and help us with business use', praised another participant.



In India, 16 MVPs collaborated to organize Power Platform Connect 2023 and M365 Saturday Coimbatore 2023, sharing the latest AI insights for business productivity in startups and SMEs with over 330 attendees. The opportunity to learn from experts was warmly received, as indicated by comments like 'I loved being here! Such exciting things to learn and apply in my job. Thank you, MVPs, for doing this and I look forward to attending more of these events regularly'.



In Japan, the Japan Azure User Group celebrated its anniversary with a conference, Japan Azure User Group 13rd Anniversary, featuring six main sessions and ten short sessions across two tracks, all focused on the latest in Azure and AI. This annual event, previously held online due to the pandemic, was conducted in a hybrid format for the first time, with attendees at the Microsoft Japan office in Tokyo expressing their satisfaction, delivering feedback on how they 'enjoyed a fulfilling day of learning, speaking, and socializing!'.



Such events highlight the crucial role of Microsoft MVPs, Regional Directors (RDs), and community leaders who support tech communities worldwide. Their unique experiences and ideas not only facilitate learning but also activate the community. We look forward to welcoming more individuals to the Microsoft MVP Award Program and collaborating to support more communities!


For upcoming community events by MVPs, RDs, and Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors, please visit the MVP Communities site. With options for in-person, hybrid, and online formats, we encourage you to take part in any event that interests you:


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