MVP Vito Macina gives back to breast cancer sufferers through training program "Ricomincio da Me"
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This week we’re hearing from MVP and IT specialist Vito Macina, from Bari, Italy. Vito was recently involved in "Ricomincio da Me", a training program for women affected by breast cancer that helps them reintegrate into the labor market.Group Photo 1.jpg

The course aims to provide women who have suffered with breast cancer with the tools and training they need to adapt to a new, varied environment as they reenter the world of work. Vito explained that after experiencing the trauma of breast cancer, what they want the most is to be able to return to normal life and participate again in the growth and development of their local economies. The program helps them do this by delivering key business and management training.

Group Photo 2.jpgAs part of his involvement, Vito delivered a five-hour workshop that taught the women how to use two Microsoft technologies: Windows 10 and Surface Pro. “My lesson also touched on the digital transformation of today, the tools that make it up, and the future that awaits us,” said Vito.



“In front of me I found determined, charged, and super-interactive people,” he added. “I had prepared a four-hour lesson with around 200 slides, but their desire to get involved meant it turned into a dynamic lesson covering only ten slides but exploring many ideas. I returned home with a beautiful moment that I will keep with great care.”


Being part of this project was extremely important for Vito, and of course had a great impact on the women that took part. One of the students, named Halyna, said it was “a fantastic course that enriched me both technically, through the acquisition of new skills, and also personally, by meeting wonderful people to share experiences and thoughts with.”


Another attendee of the program, Sabrina, said that the course provided her with not only the tools to start a business, but also a “greater awareness of her resources and aspirations.”


MVP’s involvement in projects like these just goes to show that they are truly committed to helping to make the world around them a better place.

Vito Macina received the first of four MVP awards in 2015, in categories Windows and Devices for IT.

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