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In the summer of 2023, Microsoft Learn introduced the Microsoft Learn Learning Room, a new addition that allows community members worldwide to interact online and learn about technology. The Learning Room is part of the Microsoft Learn Community, and each Learning Room is managed by Microsoft Learn experts. It serves as an online community where users can connect with experts to gain deeper insight into Microsoft products and services.


One of the Microsoft Learn experts is Hamid Sadeghpour Saleh, an Azure MVP from Azerbaijan, who is also a Microsoft MVP. He manages the Learning Room alongside fellow Microsoft Learn experts Saeid Dahl and Mohsen Akhavan. We spoke with Hamid about the significance of participating in the Microsoft Zero to Hero Community Learning Room. Whether you are already a member of the Learning Room or have yet to join, we invite you to read this article and explore the new learning opportunities that this community offers.

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Introduction of Microsoft Zero to Hero Community

Microsoft Zero to Hero Community is a Learning Room on Microsoft Learn and We're here to cover all the aspects of Microsoft Cloud Services from Azure to Microsoft AI and Data - following our room title "Zero to Hero" We're here together to grow as passionate Microsoft Cloud experts.


Who are the members in the Microsoft Zero to Hero Community?

We have a variety of members in the Learning Room, from students, learners, new starters to experienced professionals, MVPs, RDs and Microsoft FTEs who contribute all together with AMA sessions, Q/A, blogging, weekly and monthly sessions to all share together and that is the main idea of the Learning Room.


What topics are discussed in the Microsoft Zero to Hero Community?

Since we are covering Microsoft Cloud Technologies in general, we host sessions from Microsoft Azure services to Microsoft AI, Data, Security etc. as well as all of the activities and channels we have are Technology focused on different ways and areas and that helps us and learners to land on their favorite learning path and get specialized and certified.


How do you support the skill development of members?

As an MVP and learning room owner, I support the skill development of members by facilitating interactive discussions, organizing workshops, sharing resources, and providing mentorship. I create a supportive environment where members can learn from each other's expertise, collaborate on projects, and stay updated on the latest technologies and best practices. Additionally, I offer personalized guidance and feedback to help members overcome challenges and achieve their learning goals.


Invitation for those who are interested in participating in your Learning Room

Join Microsoft Zero to Hero Learning Room!

Unlock endless opportunities for growth and collaboration. Engage in interactive discussions, attend workshops, and access resources curated for your success. Let's learn and excel together!


Resources for learners who want to join

- Link to join to the Learning Room: https://aka.ms/JoinZerotoHero

- Learning Room LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/azure-zero-to-hero/

- Learning Room YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@azurezerotohero



For more insights into Azure skills development as discussed by Hamid, please refer to the article on the Microsoft Learn Blog: Discover Microsoft Azure learning, training, certifications, and career path opportunities - Microso...


In addition to the Microsoft Zero to Hero Community featured in this article, the Microsoft Learn Learning Room operates various Learning Rooms for different products, services, and languages. We encourage you to explore the Microsoft Learn - Learning Rooms Directory, find a Learning Room that matches your interests, connect with new peers, and deepen your technical knowledge as a part of this learning community.

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