A Quantum Leap Forward: MVPs Educate On Bleeding-Edge Tech
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Quantum computing is one of our bleeding-edge technologies.


Governments and private investors all around the world are pouring billions of dollars into quantum research and development, leading commentators to believe we may now be on the brink of a second quantum revolution as humans attempt to harness even more of the power of the quantum world.


It is an exciting, heady topic - and thankfully there are MVPs at the fore in making sure developers around the world have a better understanding of the powers of quantum computing and how it can change the way we solve problems.


Developer Technologies MVP Dr. Sarah Kaiser has spent much of her career developing new quantum hardware in the lab, from satellites to hacking quantum cryptography hardware. 


Communicating what is so exciting about quantum is her passion, Sarah says, and she loves finding new demos and tools to help enable the quantum community to grow.


“From the academic side of quantum computing, there is also a lot of gatekeeping of ‘you must have this degree’ to be able to participate in projects,” Sarah says. “While I'm privileged enough to have a PhD in quantum computing, I want to bring folks together to show them that quantum computing is likely not as hard as they thought it to be, and help connect and support people working on open source projects so they can learn and grow together.” 


Sarah, an avid author and Twitch streamer, says her journey as a developer was nurtured by participating in user groups like PyLadies and RLadies, where she could listen to talks by people who looked like her. So, Sarah looks to create that same environment for other developers who want to get into quantum computing through Twitch content like #QuantumDevelopWithMe.


Leading conversations on quantum computing and supporting the community through resources is a similar passion for Data Platform MVP Andy Leonard. Andy is co-host of the podcast Data Driven along with Microsoft FTE Frank La Vigne. The pair decided in August, however, that the rapid development of quantum computing deserved its own, additional podcast: Impact Quantum: A Podcast For Engineers.


“The QC field is new and growing,” Andy says. “Breakthroughs are happening regularly, but reporting of breakthroughs is inconsistent and often performed by people who are fantastic at delivering news but inexperienced with technology.”


The evolution of quantum will only be accelerated by this ongoing pandemic, Andy says, noting that it is important to share resources on the topic with developers today to thrive tomorrow.


“Almost everything I know today I learned from others. I read books, articles, and blog posts. I have paid for training and I have attended free training. I love learning, and I love sharing knowledge to help others learn,” he says.


“A part of the digital transformation that will occur over the next decade will, no doubt, include quantum computing. Quantum computing will open up opportunities and job roles that we cannot yet even imagine.”


For more on Sarah and Andy, check out their respective Twitters @crazy4pi314 and @AndyLeonard

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