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I had a business version of Office 365 at work but then left and the suite remained on my laptop but was deactivated. Later I installed my own business version of Office 365 on the same laptop. But whenever I try to login to my own copy it defaults to the work version but cannot open it and I get a OneDrive error message. I have tried to delete the business copy using the uninstaller but it is persistent and keeps coming back. I have even tried removing inherited permissions to the folder containing OneDrive but the error remains the same. My work copy was installed in another country and I no longer have access to the admin so he can't help me. Any advice on how I can rid myself of the work copy and login to my personal copy of Office 365?

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Hi @elyodcook 


Not sure if you have tried this already or just used the normal control panel uninstaller, but try the app mentioned in option 2 of this document


This is sometimes the best way to nuke Office from a machine and all of the old config settings. It might also be worth checking and make sure your copy of Windows 10 doesn't have any of your old work credentials cached

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Hello @elyodcook


You did not mention which operating system you are using. If it happens to be Windows 10 you should also look into the users and the respective account settings. Look for references to the old organization and remove them too.

I hope that helps

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Thanks for the response. I will look at this and see if it works and then report back.
Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned it is Windows 10. I will check those settings and see if there is something left over from before that I can delete. I will report back my progress.