Need To Be Able to Respond to an approval request with a mark-up of the submitted PDF

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My company develops drawings that need to be approved by certain people responsible for the drawings prior to the drawings being released.


Currently with Approvals the person responding to the approval request can either: Accept, Reject, or Reassign the request.


The only way to send notes to the person requesting the approval is to reject the request. If they try to reassign it back to the original person (for them to make the required edits) it is impossible to included notes.


Even when the approval request is rejects with the notes, it is just a single text box that contains all of the notes.


Ideally I would like the person approving/rejecting the drawings could add notes and mark-ups directly to a copy of the original document and attach the marked-up version to the response.

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I would redesign the process and include a PowerApp that would render the drawing and display a multiline text box to capture notes. I would update the Approval process to Email as it does today however I would "Showcase a Link" to the Canvas App that renders the Drawing with the NOTES. on the Canvas App there would be Notes, Approve, Reject buttons.