MD-102 not Showing Certification


I can confirm that my Microsoft 365 Certified Endpoint Associate is set to expire at the end of the month. And as you can see, I passed the exam on August 17, 2023.


Can you assist?

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Hi @Kevin Kaminski,

If I see correctly, you are already certified (from 25.4.2023) Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate (it means that you passed the MD-100 and MD-101 exams).

The MD-100 and MD-101 are discontinued on September 30, 2023.
The replacement exam MS-102: Endpoint Administrator is available.

On September 6, 2023, the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification was renamed to Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate.
This certification can be earned by meeting the following requirements:

Passing Exam MD-100 and Exam MD-101, or Passing the MD-102 exam (Endpoint Administrator).

You passed the MD-102 exam, which gives you the same certificate as the two previous exams MD-100 + MD-100.

So I'm not sure if you have the option to extend the existing Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate certificate, I assume not. I also assume that after October 25, 2023, you will receive a "new" Microsoft 365 Certified: Endpoint Administrator Associate certificate with an expiration date of August 17, 2024, and sometime in February 2024, you should receive a notification (possibility) to renew the certificat.

You actually passed 2 old and one new exam to get the same certificate.

You can read more about it at the following link (blog):
Evolving Microsoft 365 certifications help keep you in sync with the new era of work - Microsoft Com...

for example, I extended (renewed) the same certificate a few days ago by renewing it through the renewal procedure offered by Microsoft, I did not take the MD-102.
Microsoft Certification Renewal | Microsoft Learn

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