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In the past if someone had taken (for example) 70-774, but the new exam is DP-100, they were able to teach the DP-100.  With the current competencies it requires the MCT be certified in the DP-100 (for example) certification to teach it, are there any MCTs that would be grandfathered based on the old certification?  The concern is that we have MCTs currently marked as qualified based on grandfathering, but it sounds like maybe they’re no longer qualified.

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The rules are in the courseware title plan and you need the certification not the exam to teach the course. How an MCT originally obtained the certification doesn't matter as exams can change
Note: The qualification rules were changed/simplified on July 1st
So, if an MCT currently has the Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate then they can teach the currently associated course DP100t01
I have not heard of any grandfathering from the MCSA/MCSE certs to role based certs.
I can't find any transition certification from 70-774 (like there was for Azure Solution Architect) so I would surmise that they are not qualified
70-774 has been retired over 3 years now so I can't see its content still being relevant
That was simply an example, Julian :)
Thanks for the response, enjoy your day!