Linking Streams to an existing team

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I have a number of existing Microsoft teams. I want to create a Stream channel specific to this team which nobody else in the company can see. However when I try to do this I cannot find my team. 


For the purposes of this explanation I will call my existing Team: "Team123"

and I will call my desired Stream Channel for this group: "Stream321"


When I open Stream I click "create"


I then click "channel" 

Now I name my Stream Channel: "Stream321"

Next I select "private"


Then I search my groups for "Team123" however this team cannot be found. I am 90% certain that this is the process I have used for other teams in the past and it has worked, this allows this group and only this group access to these videos and allows me to add the tab easily to my Teams page without having to worry about permissions. 


Am I missing something here?

Can someone explain what I have done wrong?

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@jnolan You have posted on the Microsoft Learn community which is all about exams, certification and training.

You might have better response on the Teams community board