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Learn quantum coding and chemistry and materials science by generating, visualizing and interacting with molecular structures with the help of Copilot in Azure Quantum. Try now for free.


Start exploring quantum today and join us in the challenge of accelerating 250 years of science into the next 25 years.


Accelerate scientific discovery with a new cloud system for chemistry and materials science.


Azure Quantum Development Kit

The Azure Quantum Development Kit is now 100x faster, 100x smaller, and runs in the browser!


Azure Quantum

Accelerating scientific discovery

Try the quantum 'katas', a self-paced online tutorial with an integrated AI assistant.



Learn chemistry with Azure Quantum

Explore quantum chemistry in 3D with help from Copilot in Azure Quantum.



Code with Azure Quantum

Write and run quantum code right from your browser with help from Copilot in Azure Quantum.



Learn quantum computing

Try the quantum 'katas', a self-paced online tutorial with an integrated AI assistant



Quantum & cryptography

Investigate the impact of future scaled quantum computers on popular encryption algorithms.



4 Replies
Hi Surya,

I'm a double major in biochem and chem at the University of Adelaide - also an insider and beginner in the IT space.

Would love to take this for a quantum ortibal spin :face_with_tears_of_joy: so to speak...

Any further tips? Thanks
glad to know about your double major. sure, we can discuss further but its too early phase to decide.
Absolutely, Azure and cloud information management is tricky at times... Keep the updates flowing please
sure thing LorrieWasReveroctorious