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I am looking for some help with formulas. I am creating a QC document to check competence of Agents. The document includes an overall outcome section, plus the detail of all components.


Currently I have the following formula in the document to determine the outcome of the call:

=IF((OR(M14="No",M16="No",M18="No",M20="No",M22="No")),"Family at risk","Family cared for")


This works on it's own but I am now trying to create an annual summary that will collate the results from multiple QC's completed. However, when the detail components are blank (not yet completed), the formula i have defaults to an outcome showing "Family Cared for". On my summary sheet however, this causes problems as it shows as this having an outcome.


Is there a formula i can use for my outcome section (as shown by formula above) which when blank and uncompleted also shows as blank in the outcome box.


I hope this makes sense.



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