Database administrators: Skill up on Microsoft Azure SQL


If youre new to Azure SQL or want to improve your skills, check out these new resources: 


  • Start your journey to become an Azure database administrator with the new Azure SQL Fundamentals training on Microsoft Learn.  
  • Azure SQL for beginners: Learn how to translate your SQL Server skills and experience to Azure SQL with this six-module, 61-episode video series.  
  • Dig into the open-source code in a scenario-driven GitHub workshop. The Azure SQL Workshop is a one-day, hands-on course that explores translating your existing SQL Server expertise to Azure SQL and also offers the foundations of configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting SQL Server in Azure (on the web page, select Workshop: Azure SQL.) 
  • Interested in moving to Azure SQL? Learn about deployment, security, performance, availability, and more with Bob Ward and Anna Hoffman in the four-day, interactive, live (online) Azure SQL Bootcamp (August 1720, 2020). 
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