Courseware Title Plan and MCT Competency Requirements

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In the MS MCT guide in it is stated that I can find the “Competencies” that an MCT is required to have to meet to teach a
particular Microsoft Course title. It is directing us to MCT Central which is this web site.

Can anyone help me find to MCT Competency Requirements per Courseware Title?

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@JohnnyRaadshoej you need to go to in the blue resources box is the link to the Courseware Title Plan and MCT Competency Requirements document.


Make sure you sign in with the account linked to your MCT accreditation.

@Sara Fennah thank you. But when I go to I am automatically directed to, and I don't see a blue resources box on this page :(

@Sara Fennah Sara, I have the same problem ... I'm being redirected to

Is the Courseware Title plan visible only for someone who is approved to be MCT? I have M365 Sec Admin and Azure Sec  Eng certifications, and wanted to check if I can teach Azure Fundaments or Azure Administrator courses or M365 Identity and Service..

Thank you

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@Robert28 Yes, MCT Central is only available if you are an accredited MCT.  Only MCTs can teach official Microsoft courses. So to teach the Azure Fundamentals for example you need to be a currently accredited MCT (you need to renew every year) and also hold Azure fundamentals or another current Azure certification.


Each year to renew you need to provide evidence of delivery quality and volume which meet at least the minimum program standards plus have up to date Microsoft qualifications.


To find out more about becoming and MCT see Become a Microsoft Certified Trainer | Microsoft Docs