Bookings Calendar Not Loading

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My school uses Microsoft Bookings for our parents to sign up for Parent-Teacher Interviews. I am the administrator for the booking portal that we are using.


On the Administrator side, the calendar, where I can usually see all of the bookings for all of our staff and services, is not loading. It just shows a blank gray screen.


It was working perfectly last night and now this morning, it's not. I haven't changed anything in my settings.







You cannot see it in the screenshot but all staff and services are selected.


In addition, I go to each staff member under the Staff tab and click their availability, no bookings load there either.


I have logged out and back in. I have tried on other computers and on several different browsers. Same issue.


Any ideas on how to fix this? I need it to be fixed urgently as we often experience glitches with double bookings and it's quicker for me to fix things on the back end than it is for the teachers who are busy with interviews.

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