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I attended the Azure Fundamentals virtual training sessions on 1st and 2nd May.  When I signed up for the event through Microsoft Learn it stated there was a 50% on the AZ-900 exam for attending.  I wish to take the exam but the discount is still not showing when I try to book a date.  How do I apply the discount?


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@Bubblehed08 , Did you get the voucher code for it?



Hi. No, I was never sent a voucher code.

@Bubblehed08 , 

Please be advised that the MVTD discount offer has already been discontinued since March 28, 2023. The recently concluded events and upcoming schedules for the trainings no longer include vouchers.


If you received any confirmation email where it is indicated that you are eligible for an exam discount, make sure to represent the information here, so that the concerned personnel can help you out.

If the case then why, over thirteen months later, does your sign-up page still indicate a 50% discount???
Can you check your participation mail for the same? If it has been mentioned there as well, I hope concerned personnel can help you out.,
Review the Terms and Conditions: Sometimes, discounts or promotions come with specific terms and conditions. It's essential to review these to ensure you're meeting all the requirements. Check if there are any eligibility criteria or specific actions you need to take to claim the discount.
Confirmation Email or Documentation: Did you receive any confirmation email or documentation after attending the Azure Fundamentals virtual training sessions? This could contain important information or instructions on how to claim the discount. Make sure to review any communication you received regarding the event.
Contact Support: If you're unable to find the necessary information or if the discount is still not applying correctly, consider reaching out to Microsoft Learn support or the support team responsible for the Azure Fundamentals virtual training sessions. They should be able to assist you further and provide guidance on how to claim the discount.
Check the Validity Period: Ensure that the discount offer hasn't expired. Sometimes, promotions have a limited validity period, and if you try to apply them after the expiration date, they may not work.
Clear Cache and Cookies: Sometimes, issues with discounts not applying correctly can be due to browser-related issues. Try clearing your browser's cache and cookies or using a different browser to see if the discount applies correctly.

@rikazkhan7 How do I contact Support? Every time I search for support, I just end up being directed back to this forum.