AI-900 Sessions - #LearnMicrosoftAI

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As part of #LearnMicrosoftAI campaign, I am happy to share with everyone that my internal session for the Microsoft AI-900 exam has created a positive vibe among the engineers at my organization. Now, they have started exploring more about the cognitive services of Microsoft Azure and trying to utilize the same in their daily routine. It was my privilege and honor, when I got to know that many have completed the Microsoft Build challenge and looking forward for the free certification offered by Microsoft. Okay, what makes so exciting to learn about the Microsoft AI?


1. Microsoft AI are readily available services, which are easy to learn and use. 

2. It covers the basic foundation of AI and AI related applications. 

3. Demos that are available makes the learning much more interesting. 


Any learning which allows the learners to dip their hand immediately will always be awesome. Many thanks to Microsoft for making the learning experience awesome. 






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I congratulate you on your step towards Microsoft AI and thank you for sharing the positive vibe.